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The full size F1 season looks to start soon and with some outdoor R/C tracks opening we can dust off the Tamiya F1's for some Iconic RC practise.

We have now set up a seperate shop page for all our modern and retro F1 spares, so you can find them all in one place. We will be adding more later this week and as time goes by, so check back often for the best range of F1 spares for sale for vintage models in the UK.

Parts from Tamiya, TRG, Cross and many more.

Tyres are still in the F1 tyre section, with a wide range from Enetti, Shimizu, Tamiya and Ride.

It's not just spares either. A great selection of tuning parts to speed up your ride.

We also have a couple of new custom products up our sleaves for the F103, so stay tuned or follow our facebook page for updates.

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