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We are delighted to say that Rcon body's and Shimizu treaded M Chassis tires are back!

First off we have the classic 210mm WB Mini Clubman 1275Gt for M Chassis.

In stock already in the shop and on the website in limited numbers, with more deliveries arriving later this week.

This is the most popular Rcon body by far and now has updated stickers to included both black and white side stripes.

Other designs will follow soon.

Other designs in stock include the Polo R4 WRC, Siren Frontie body and Gu Gu Van.

As most of you know Shimizu closed early in the year, bringing an end to the production of some of the most popular M Chassis and F1 tires on the market.

The good news is Schumacher bought the tire moulds and recipies.

Production of a range of the F1 tires started a few weeks back, but the M chassis tire has had a few hold ups.

We are delighted they are now available in soft and hard compounds, with medium following at the end of the month.

Expected on stock on Thursday 24th Sept. These are bound to be popular and are already sold out at supplier, so grab them quick.

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