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What a week this has been. Started with the much used and possibly abused Iconic Cup tea cup breaking after many many months of good service. Not just a mere mug, but a cup of memories from all the great Iconic Cup and Revival races over the last year or two.

But the week has improved, with some of the all time classic R/C kits coming into stock once again after a shortage during Covid lock down.

The classic Tamiya Blitzer Beetle, Lunchbox, DT-03 Neo Fighter, Terra Scorcher and other don't really need an introduction.

The Blitzer beetle truly is an Iconic RC car nowadays. Possibly one of the most fun per £ models you can buy. Surprisingly good handling for a bug, with classic looks and speed to match.

The Lunchbox has a near cult following nowadays, with people still running the classic first issues right up to the re release and limited edition models. Here we have the special edition Black version which is now in stock, but will sell out quickly no doubt.

The Neo Fighter Buggy. A classic in the making. Reproduced as a homage to the original Frog of the 1980's, the Neo Fighter maintains the "No Guts, No Glory" theme, but with more modern chassis design. A very capable off roader. Makes an ideal first buggy.

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