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F1 Front 42SH DIA 63MM -JF1-42FA

The new Contact foam tyres for F1 will greatly improve the grip and drivability compared to rubber tyres. They work well on both carpet and asphalt tracks. Available in 2 compounds of front and 2 compounds of rear, to help you tune the car for the track conditions.Mounted and trued to 63mm on grey spoke wheel.


For modern era narrow (190mm width) F1 models such as the Xray X1, Tamiya F104 etc (can be used with F101/F102/F103/F104W if the front wheel bearings are replaced with the correct size. Note rear version not compatible) - Please see our other tires for these models.





F1 Front 42SH DIA 63MM (Modern- F104/Xray X1) -JF1-42FA

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