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Gullow's Fairchild 24 (Lazer Cut) - 701LC


The Fairchild is an easy to assemble "Build-by-Number" model kit. These planes build light and are great flyers.

Wingspan 63.5cm (25 inches)


Now with LASER CUT BALSA PARTS. Build by number models - ideal for individual use or for group model building such as in a school class. Each kit contains the right combination of building material and "power package" to assemble an attractive model with good flying ability.


Can be built as a free flight model for rubber power (included), or you can add your own alternative IC or electric power system (not included, but instructions included for fitting).

These models have also been sucessfully converted to micro radio control.


Images are for reference only.

Additional glues, paints and tools required to complete (not included)

Gullow's Fairchild 24 (Lazer Cut) - 701LC

SKU: 701LC
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