Team Powers Brushed Cup Racer 540 Stock Motor - Version 2 (Black Can / High Power )


New version 2 motor.

High power brushed motor made to stock spec. Perfect for on and off road applications usch as stock touring, 1/10 F1, M class etc.

Iconic RC legal for the Iconic on road series.

Please note the V2 motor revs higher than the version 1, so should be geared slightly lower.




Dimentions : 35.8mm x 51mm

Shaft Dimeter : 3.17mm

Weight : 170g


Please note : If using AM radio control equipment, we advise the fitting of a 0.1u capacitor (not included) to the postive and negative sides of the motor to supress interference.


Iconic Cup / CWIC Team Powers Cup Racer Stock Motor (Black Can) Verson 2