Mazda Speed 6 190mm Clear Lexan Touring Car Body


Available in regular, lightweight and pro lite options


This state-of-the-art race body provides superior handling balance, increased traction and added driver-feel comfort specifically for rubber tire racing.

The new body features 2 lower trim lines: one for the slightly taller BRCA rules. All specifications are within the Global Body Spec requirements (including those specs of ROAR, EFRA, FEMCA, FAMAR and IFMAR) The add-on wing has clearly marked slats that when cut out will increase the wing efficiency. As usual it comes with wing hardware, window masks, decal sheet and protective film.


Length:   413mm
Width:   190mm
Height:   108mm
Wheelbase:   262mm

Protoform Mazda Speed 6 Clear Body

Protoform Mazdaspeed 6