Schumacher Eclipse 2 - 1/12th LMP Circuit Car



The Eclipse 2 has been refined over two seasons of hard racing to provide you with a faster, more durable, easier to work on platform.  The Eclipse 2 uses full Carbon Fibre chassis components, with high quality engineering polymer mouldings throughout, all refined for the upcoming carpet season.


Length: 283mm
Wheelbase: 202mm
Width: 172mm


Adjustment of Centre Pivot with short option for added rotation.
Top deck adjustment of chassis flex, offering better stability and pace in high traction.
Tweak free battery mounting using O-ring fixing. 
Entirely redesigned front end, using all new geometry for better performance.
Improved front end durability and robustness.

Twist free rear pod layout with new side link mounting points.
Simpler build, with much less maintenance required to maintain maximum performance.  
Low profile aluminium servo mounts.
Improved rear ride height adjuster tolerances.

Full length carbon fibre chassis for increased cornering predictability.

Fully adjustable front end (track width, ride height, toe out, camber, caster, damping, bump steer, ackermann).

Lightweight ball differential with carbon axle and true thrust race.

Rotationally balanced left rear wheel clamp.

Lightweight independent roll and bump springs with low centre of gravity.

Ultra-low motor position.

Lightweight low centre of gravity CNC alloy rear transmission housings.

Adjustable anti-squat and pro squat, independent of droop setting.

Raised bumper mount for increased steering, reduced chassis scrub, and chassis protection.

Lightweight front foam bumper.

Ultra-balanced rear pod assembly.

76t 64dp Kimbrough high efficiency spur as standard (options available).

Full range of optional springs, front, side and rear.

Fully adjustable body mount system.

Damper tube style rear damping for bump riding and cornering performance.

Optimised steering geometry for precise handling.

Lightweight roll mast mount + roll mast included.

Chassis balance pivot holes. For use with U3582 pivot set. To optimise left/right weight distribution.

Extra low rear pivot.

Rear tweak adjustment via side springs.

Adjustable rear ride height using interchangeable inserts (0.25mm increments).

Lightweight rear droop adjustment.

1/12 scale Kimbrough servo saver with stiffener included as standard.

High tensile steel hex screws used throughout.

All black aluminium M3 nuts as standard.

Adjustable steering turnbuckles included as standard.

High quality easy to follow instruction manual.

Optional adjustable battery position.

 Accepts a huge range of industry standard body shells, motors, batteries, and speed controllers.


Required for operation:

  • 2 Channel Radio
  • Motor
  • Servo
  • Electric Speed Control
  • Motor Pinion
  • 1S Lipo Battery
  • Bodyshell & Paint
  • Wheels & Tyres 


Schumacher Eclipse 2 - 1/12th LMP Circuit Car

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