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Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle Rally (MFX-01) - 5865


Inspired by rallying Beetles used from the 1950's right upto today in classic rally's. The Beetles robust design, simple mechanics and reliability have turned it into a classic.

Tamiya's version is based on the 4wd MF-01X chassis.


The MF-01X model features full time 4wd with rear mounted motor and shaft drive to the front of the model through the moulded chassis.

The chassis is made in three sections, so wheelbase can be set at 210mm/225mm or 239mm witht he addtion of adapters and the seperatly available centre shafts for each corresponding length. Model is supplied in long wheelbase 239mm format.

  • Length 385mm
  • Width 178mm
  • Height 175mm
  • 239mm wheelbase
  • The body is faithfully recreated in lightweight polycarbonate and features moulded cromed wing mirrors and bumpers.
  • Moulded front spot lights for added realism.
  • Robust design is at home on road or flat dirt surfaces
  • Includes 540 motor
  • Includes electronic speed control

Required for completion: 2 channel radio control system with servo, battery pack, charger, polycarbonate paint and tools (not included).

Please see our R/C equipment section for Carson R/C starter sets to get you up and running.


Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle Rally (MFX-01) - 58650

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