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Kyosho Ultima '87 JJ Replica 2WD 1:10 Kit 60th Anniversary Ltd - 30642


American Joel Johnson won his first 2WD class world title at the 2nd Electric Off-Road World Championship in England in 1987 driving a modified Kyosho ULTIMA. Also, TQ’ed this event and finished 1st and 2nd and 3rd.This became known as the ‘JJ Spec’ and was popular with its custom suspension, main chassis and front-rear shock stays that enhanced performance and styling. Only third-party conversion kits were available at the time and even then, it was extremely difficult to completely reproduce the JJ specifications. Now the ‘JJ Spec’ is honored as the 13th model in the Vintage Series to commemorate Kyosho’s 60th anniversary.


●The 13th model of the Kyosho Vintage Series is a recreation of the World Champion racer that did not exist as a kit back in 1987.
●Each component has been faithfully designed and manufactured based on the specifications of the championship winning machine.
●While based on the original model, each part has been enhanced and modernized to meet the requirements of the latest RC systems & power sources.
●Body from the Tomahawk is included, which is as per the World Champion machine. Original as well as commemorative decals are also included.
●Turnbuckle tie rods allow precise adjustment of camber and toe angles, just like the original.
●Rear gearbox is equipped with ball differential that produces traction stability without affecting road grip.
●Rear drive incorporates a universal swing shaft that enables improved drive efficiency and maneuverability.
●Soft front and rear tires are included for racing performance. Inner sponges are also built into the front tires and deliver powerful grip and control.
●In addition to the standard type included in the kit, more modern 2.2-inch standard wheels can also be installed.
●Unassembled chassis kit includes wheels and tires for front and rear, unpainted body, and rear wing.
●Equipped with +2mm offset rear wheel hub. Wide tread setting is available when combined with the included 1mm spacers.

Requires: Tools, polycarbonate paint, 2 channel radio control equipement, steering servo, battery, charger, electronic speed controller and motor to complete (not included).

Kyosho Ultima '87 JJ Replica 2WD 1:10 Kit 60th Anniversary Ltd - 30642

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