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Self Adhesive Paint Mask - Wire Mesh


Please note : Mask is supplied with detail areas in place as in picture two.


Easy to use professional grade self adhesive masks to give your body-shell a unique look.

Simply paint over, then remove the mask (or area of the mask, for masks with multiple parts) and paint again to get the effect you want.

Size of sheet approx A4.

Supplied with clear application film ready applied for ease of use.


Tips for use.

  • For application to the INSIDE of lexan bodies.

  • Cut the area of mask you wish to use from the sheet leaving at least 5mm around the edges

  • Do not remove the backing paper or application film until you are ready to apply the mask

  • Bodyshell should be clean, dry and grease free

  • For best results use very light coats of a water based paint designed for use on lexan. High solvent content paints may damage the masks. We recommend :If using spray cans of paint, use very light coats, allowing to dry fully between coats.

  • Check the mask will fit where you want it to go by laying it over the area of the inside of the shell

  • Do not apply over edges or sharp curves. Masks work best on flat or gently curving areas of the bodyshell

  • When ready to apply rub across the application film to ensure the mask is adhered to it prior to use

  • Gently remove the backing paper, ensuring all areas of the mask come away with the application tape

  • Place the mask on the inside of the shell starting in one corner and gently smoothing it into place, then remove the application tape.

  • These are single use masks and cannot be lifted and moved once applied.

  • Use very light coats of paint for the first couple of coats and leave them to dry before adding further coats.

  • Simply paint the main shell, remove the area of mask you want to paint next, paint over, allow to dry and then do the next area.

  • Copyright RaceCraft R/C 2017


Paint Mask - Wire Mesh

SKU: Mesh
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