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RaceCraft Transmitter Charge Lead (XT60 - Futaba


More and more chargers now use XT60 outputs, so we have created a custom charge lead specifically for charging 1 cell lipo transmitter packs, but also suitable for old style Nimh receiver packs with a longer lead length.


  • Made in house to ensure consistant high quality
  • 535mm long to allow enough cable to put your battery in a safety bag whilst charging
  • Suitable for 1 cell lipo /Life transmitter battery packs (max 2 amp charge rate)
  • Suitable for standard Nimh receiver/transmitter packs (max 2 amp charge rate)
  • XT60 Female plug for use with modern chargers such as the Sky RC range etc
  • Futaba Male plug will fit Futaba as well as JR type plugs (observing correct polarity)

RaceCraft Transmitter Battery Charge Lead XT60 (F) To Futaba (M) - RACE100

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