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Rcon Polo R4 Clear Lexan Body


For all you rally fans out there, we have Rcon's Polo R4 WRC body for M chassis.

208mm wheelbase (short wheelbase)

Fits most popular M chassis models : M01, M03, M05, ABC Gambado/ Grid. M Rage Etc.

Moulded in quality genuine lexan

Decal sheet and window masks included

Supplied with overspray film pre fitted.

Please note: The moulding in the wheel arches is NOT the cut line for the wheels, but part of the mould process. Body should be lined up as appropriate and wheels marked/cut to suit the individual model. We recommend mounting as far back as possible for best handling.


Genuine Rcon / Racecraft products are all supplied with Rcon & RaceCraft Halogram anti tamper markers applied for your peace of mind to show that you are buying a genuine product.

Rcon Polo R4 WRC Clear Lexan Body

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