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 If you are a long-time RC car user, you may be familiar with the chassis called "Super Dog Fighter". It is no exaggeration to say that it became the foundation of modern racing off-road cars, and it is a famous car that boasted overwhelming speed in off-road races around the country. It has a great record not only in Japan but also in world-class races, and is known for having fans all over the world.

 There have been many requests from passionate fans for a long time, and commercialization has been considered many times, but now the reprint has finally been realized. However, there are no resin part molds left from that time, and the design is based on measurements of existing machines, and the current release date is scheduled for December 2023.


Although new parts have been remade, the settings have been made to recreate the atmosphere of the time as much as possible. In order to be able to drive with current power sources, it will be equipped with a gear differential, slipper clutch, Li-po battery, etc., but it will also have a slot for a Sub-C size battery, natural-colored resin parts, and aluminum die-cast front and rear parts. It has a configuration that allows you to feel the atmosphere of the time, such as the bulkhead and hard anodized aluminum shock.

 The wheels and tires used at the time were 1.9 inches, but by replacing the wheel hub with an optional part, the current 2.2 inch wheels and tires can be installed. 


Highly reproducible packaging reminiscent of products sold in 1987.

■Main Chassis
The FRP main chassis has a battery slot that can accommodate sub-C size batteries, as well as thick/thin short lipo batteries.

■Suspension arm and knuckle
The suspension arm is the same size as the original, and the front and rear common knuckles are made of aluminum and reproduced as they are.

The aluminum bulkhead faithfully reproduces the model at the time. The bulkhead cap and rod end are also milky white, reproducing the original.

■Body/Under Cowl/Wing
The body, under cowl, and rear wing also completely reproduce the original form.

■Shock Tower
The original FRP front and rear shock towers are also reproduced as they are.

■Differential gear/main gear
Front and rear gear differentials and slipper clutches are standard equipment to accommodate the current power source.

The shock, which reproduces the original alumite color, has been renewed and has an adjustable nut system that allows for wide capacity settings.

The tire pattern, wheel color and size are reproduced with the original dimensions.



SKU: B-YZ-870C
£495.00 Regular Price
£469.99Sale Price
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