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Discontinued a year or so ago, the Rcon Lola body for the Tamiya T3-01 Dancing Rider is back for a limited production run.

Exclusive to RaceCraft RC, after much begging and nagging we have a single production run now available again.

Always a firm favourite for those wanting soemthing different for their Dancing Rider series models. The Lola is molded in detailed genuine lexan and supplied with the seperate molding for the twin light system.

We have updated the design with new style window masks made in house at RaceCraft RC from the same material we use for our custom mask sets.

Also includes updated sticker set which is also made locally just down the road from the Racecraft shop.

These are now slightly simplified to make application easier, include new logo's and are made on a waterproof high tack material with perminant adhesive for better longevity. Lola is in stock now on the website along with other Rcon designs.

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