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The big day of the year is coming up quickly and will be here before you know it, so a quick review of what is happening

in our world and a few idea's for Xmas.

There has been lots going on at RaceCraft lately. The CWICs series in Chippenham started at very very short notice, but we managed to get out act together and the trackside shop was there for the third year running keeping the racers going through the day.

It was an absolutly exhausting effort with just 9 days notice, but we made it!

The next round is on the 12th December and hopefully we will see some of you there. Booking in is available through the Rc Signup system, with classes for 1/10 Touring, Frontie, M Chassis and LMP. It is a great event and well worth doing with a massive ETS carpet track to race on. Even if you are not racing, pop down and watch and say hello.

So what is happening in the RC world. Well lots and lots of new releases from Tamiya and Traxxas and we here possibly something on the way from Schumacher soon as well.

We will not list all the new kits here, but worthy of a look are the new Traxxas Drag Slash and the soon to be released 35 Hot Rod. Both look epic.

From Tamiya a host of kits, including the TD4 Avante, Porsche Anniversary, Wild One and others. Some due in before Xmas.

Supplies are still a little problematic at the moment, particually from Tamiya, but kits and spares are slowly starting to come through again, so keep an eye on the website or our kit list we publish on Facebook each week. If an item is out of stock, please use the "Back in Stock" notification tab on the item page of the website and we will let you know as soon as the item is back in.

We know from the volume of phone calls we get asking, that the non modellers in your lives struggle for ideas for Xmas.

So to help them out and stop you dropping ever less subtle hints we have compiled a few items to give them ideas from a few pounds upwards.

First up the Core RC Premium Hex Wrench Set. Includes 1.5,2.0,2.5 & 3mm tipped wrenches, so covers the basic sizes used in RC. Quality titanium tips in anattractive design and only £21.99 for the set, which comes in a nice carry box as well.

Next up the GT Power four output multi chemistry charger.

Runs from mainss or DC input and charges upto 4 battery packs at once!

An amazing piece of kit for those who like take take several models out with them or have kids racing as well.

For the creative RC modellers out there, how about a self adhesive paint mask. Suitable for lexan or hard body shells.

These are proudly designed and made by us in house and come in a wide range of designs to allow you to create a unique paint scheme.

Can be used with airbrush or spray can paint and a bargain starting at just £3.99 each.

Supplied with a pre applied application film for easy handling.

Everyone should build a model kit in their lives. Most of us would have done so as kids, but the excitment is just the same if not more building as adults. The patience you have learned over the years means you can actually focus a recreate that scale masterpiece you wanted when you were 10. A wide range of scale model kits are on the website from Tanks, to planes and motorbikes.

Everyone loves to open an RC model on Xmas morning. Even experienced racers will turn back into kids if they open up a monster truck or classic buggy and will be assembling it before Christmas dinner.

Have a look at the Tamiya range. XSA series are pre built, but most are assembly kits. There isn't a particular one to choose. All are good fun and great value for money for kids and adults alike. If you do need help choosing or need information, just give us a call. We know these kits inside out and also offer a build service if needed.

Just a few idea's for you, but if you need more help you are welcome to call us and have a chat and we will advise what to go for. There is an awful lot more in store!

Don't forget you can always get one of out E Gift cards which start at just £5 if you can't decide.

RaceCraft RC

Unit 19 Brassmills Enterprise Center

Brassmills Lane



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