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Wierd 2021 continues.

Normally at this time of year we would be gearing up for the indoor race season and in particular the CWICS series with the trackside shop.

Sadly the first round of the series, due in just a couple of weeks has been postponed as the venue has a problem with the floor following a leak. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon in time for racing to start.

We are however back racing inside at Frome and Chippenham clubs and are there with the trackside shop each week. Bristol and Melksham clubs are also up and running again, which is great news (we can't go to them all sadly).

So with a short break in the chaos that is getting ready and working events, she who must be obayed (Diane) has said we need a holiday and this is the best time to go. To be fair, she is right. I have worked pretty much every day for the last 4 years, including all the way through the various lockdowns and Di has worked alongside like a trooper, so she deserves a break.

Therefore the shop will be closed all of next week from Monday 4th October, then reopen on Monday 11th October.

All online orders placed over this period will be dispatched on Monday 11th when we return.

Click & collect will be suspended for this period on the website. If you need items before we go, please order by Friday for delivery/collection. Thanks for your understanding and apologies for any inconvienience casued.

The shop is open as normal this week Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm

Now fingers crossed we can get some fuel to get there as we are off to the north of Scotland and I am not even allowed to take a crawler with me (apparently that would be working for me, so not allowed on holiday).

In other news. Loads of RC kits coming through at the moment from Tamiya.

These include restocks of old favourites as well as things like the Thunder and Fire Dragons. Pre orders are open for these, so please message if you would like to reserve one. Also not far off are TD4 Avante kits. Just over a month away.

Some of you may have noticed that we have started adding more old school brushed motors and parts to the website.

With new motors available from a range of brands such as LRP and Reedy, as well as a wealth of old school motors still in use, we have added a range to support those of you running brushed. You will find brushes, comm drops and other parts either already on the site or appearing there shortly. We have generally had some of these parts in stock all the time, but never on the site. You will find them in the "Motors" section. If you are new to using brushed motors and need help or advise, just message us or see our blog post on rebuilding a brushed motor. It's a really good read!

So we will be back on the 11th and will do a blog update then and let you know if I win the battle of taking the crawler on holiday.

RaceCraft RC

Unit 19 Brassmills Enterprise Center

Brassmills Lane



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