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Lots of new models and re release models starting to come through from Tamiya and other brands.

These include the Candy Green Grasshopper, which makes a reappearance for a limited release. Also the Super Storm Dragon makes a comeback, and we expect the Tamiya

TC-01 Formula E models late August /

Early September. Hopefully in time for Revival.

We thought this might be a good point to list what is coming on the delivery and what is already in stock for you.

Expected on Tuesdays delivery:

47348 Grasshopper Candy Green

47438 Super Storm Dragon

47439 TT-02 Type SR Chassis

58336 Hornet 2004

58346 Grasshopper 2005

58347 Lunchbox 2005

58610 Aqroshot

Currently in stock

47443 Porsche 911 GT1 Street (TA03RS)

58452 Sand Scorcher

58633 Blackfoot

58629 Merc G320 Cabrio MFX-01

58604 Skyline GT-R (TT-02D)

58667 Audi Quattro A2 (TT-02)

58659 Toyota Yaris WRC (TT-02)

58517 Super Hotshot

58675 Mercedes Benz G500 (CC-02)

58657 Land Rover Defender (CC-01)

58680 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid (F103GT)

58668 VW Type 2 (T1) - (M06)

58624 Mazda MX-5 (M05)

58674 Toyota GR Supra (TT-02)

58670 Citroen 2CV Rally (M05Ra) RaceCraft RC

58655 Citroen 2CV Charelstone (M05) Unit 19 Brassmills Enterprise Center

84124 Wolf WR1 (F104W) Brassmills Lane

58632 Team Hahn Man TGS (TT-01E) Bath

47442 Terra Scorcher (2020) BA1 3JN

58374 Sand Viper (DT-02)

58242 Wild Willy (WR-02)

58416 Rising Fighter Buggy

58004 XR311 Combat Support Vehicle

58676 Volvo A60R Hauler 6x6 (G6-01)

58587 Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03)

58546 Lunchbox Black Edition

58618 Monster Beetle 2015

47428 XB Tyrrell P34 1977 Monaco

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