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We are delighted to say that after much arm twisting, we have managed to source some new old stock discontinued kits from Tamiya.

These are due to arrive with us just before Xmas. Most probably the Tuesday or Wednesday before. One kit has already arrived and in stock, which is the awsome FF03 JAS Civic Type R!

If you would like to reserve any of these, Please message us via the website,on Twitter, Facebook or by email

Models coming in are:

58476 FF03 JAS Civic Type R

(already in stock)

58477 Zahak (DN-01)

58511 Nissan Titan (DT-02T)

58658 TB05 Pro Chassis

The Zahak needs no introduction. Based on the race winning TRF201 chassis platform, it is a great performer on track and an ideal starter race buggy.

The Nissan Titan is based on the DT02 chassis, so durable and easy to build and use. A great general purpouse bashing car. Happy of road and on.

The FF03 Civic Type R is one of the prettiest models around and ideal for starting out in the new 1/10 Frontie class. This model has been missed since production ended with prices rising. Proven chassis design, amazing body. Whats not to like!

The TB-05 Pro is a full on race machine that stands out from the crowd!

TRF dampers and a healthy sprinkling of alloy hop up parts as standard.

A very capable 1/10 touring car and a change from the usual run of carbon fibre belt driven clone models that abound nowadays.

Option of fitting the motor in standard rear or front mounted position to balance the car for different tracks.

So many features that there are to many to list here!

If you would like to pre order any of these models please message us. Numbers are very limited so they won't hang around long!

RaceCraft RC

Unit 19 Brassmills Enterprise Center

Brassmills Lane



Tel:01225 307895

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