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the big one!

Well what a few weeks that has been! The run upto the "Revival" events is always organised chaos for us, but this year it has been a real challenge, but we are ready!

To add to the usual endless suppliers orders in preparation and unbearable heat, this year the challenge was taken to run two of the most challenging vintage cars around to run. An SRB Sand Scorcher and an original 1988 Avante.

Now the Sand Scorcher was built up from a re release kit with a few mods.

Buggy Champ Ball Diff


TRF Dampers

Plus a bit of judicious machining on a few parts to keep them attached to the car and make them fit properly.

All fairly easy to be fair.

The Avante on the other hand needed alot more work!

Starting with an original pretty wrecked car. It was stripped, cleaned and rebuilt updating and replacing as needed.

Parts replaced ended up at: TRF dampers, gears, bearings, UJ shafts, tunrbuckles, racing steering set, uprights, front and rear alloy hubs, LRP motor/ESC. The original body was also stripped and repainted.

Loads of work, cost a fortune, but looks and goes great. Now to go race it and hope it all stays together!

Which brings us to the next point.

The main shop will be closed from Thursday 29th July at 1pm, then reopen on Tuesday 3rd August whilst we attend "Revival" with the pit shop and to race.

We will probably be back mid day on the Monday, but presume any orders placed over this time will be shipped on the 3rd August. Hopefully we will see a few of you at the event.

In other news, lots is going on in terms of new and restocked items coming in and announcements of new models, mostly from Tamiya at the moment, but we hear rumours of others in the pipeline.

First up Tamiya big new release is the TD4 Avante Buggy. Due November time and sure to be popular with collectors.

We also here of a limited edition Wild One and TA02SW Porsche around the same time. More news to follow soon as we get more info.

Rumour has it Schumacher has something vintage in the pipeline due soon as well!

Other kits that are in or due over the next few days.

We have a limited quantity of the very pretty Tamiya XV-01 Subari STI Team Arai kit in stock and have had restocks of Monster Beetle, Lunch Box, Hornet & Blackfoot kits.

Early next week, we have restocks due in of Terra Scorcher 2020, M07 Concept, M08 Concept, Rock Socker and a few others. Egress kits arrived with us yesterday, but were sadly all pre sold as we only received part of the delivery. More stock of Egress is expected in early August. Please message if you would like to reserve any of the kits due in.

We will post an update after "Revival", but it is certainly going to be a busy couple of weeks.

One last note. Covid restrictions have now been lifted. It is your choice if you choose to wear a mask in the shop, we are not going to force you. But we would prefer it if you did please. All of the signage and sanitizers etc will stay in place for now in the shop.

Unit 19 Brassmills Enterprise Centre

Brassmills Lane



Phone: 01225 307895

Twitter: @racecraftrc

Facebook: RaceCraft RC

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