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The 2021 race season has been like no other it has been fair to say.

We actually attended more events than normal with the trackside shop, but over a shorter time span due to the pandemic restrictions.

We have travelled approximately 2100 miles this year to and from these events, not including journeys back to hotels, the pub, curry house etc!

It has needless to say been an exhausting year, but great fun at every event. The highlight has to be getting Icon of the day with the Avante and 2nd in the oldies stock class at Revival 1 with my beloved SRB. As some of you will know I don't tend to race to be competitive these days, I do it for the pure enjoyment of being on track, but I am proud of these two awards driving such challenging models.

There are lots of you I need to thank for helping out this year. Diane has as always been my rock and taken to selling RC parts like a legend and never complains at the hours we work at these things. Bonky (James Millbank) has been a true legend. Lugging kit around, driving to alot of the venues and sorting my car out when I don't have time.

There are many more who have helped out in some way or other, watching shop, dropping cars onto start lines ect and of course the big one. John Weston for organising and having us at these great events and supporting us at every step. I thank you all and truly appreciate your help and support.

This year for simplicity I ran stock class at the Iconic Cup, using a Tamiya TT01E. In previous years I have run F1 and GT, but found racing cars that need constant fettling and running the shop was just to much.

The stock class was great fun! The car once set up as pretty much been left alone and is very easy to drive.

I'm not actually sure where I ended up overall in the championship. I think 5th or 6th. But it is unimportant as I enjoyed the experience. I will be doing stock class again next year, though maybe with an older model to enhance the Iconic experience. I would encourange anyone to have a go at the "Iconic Cup" and dont think the cars are slow. Far from it!

This year was also different in that we had two Revival's. The second one at Broxtowe, just last weekend. As there was no SRB class at this one I ran my old XLS and Astute. Both were challenging. The CAT was great in the dry in practise, but needed changes making I didn't have time to do for the wet. But it was fun to drive, though sadly I discovered after the final it had a broken shock, which answered some of it weird handling. More practise on astro is definately needed before next years events as all was done on grass prior to the event. Being in a quli heat with the RC royalty (Booth, Dresher,Ralls) was great fun though.

The Astute I ran is an original with a few modern tweaks such as dampers etc. It dosn't have a slipper clutch, so you have to go easy on the power. Originally starting with a LRP 17 double, the car was nice and only lifted the front if you nailed the throttle hard. Unfortunately one of the larger jumps managed to bend the motor can on landing! This meant a mad scrabble to find another suitable motor. The only thing quick enough I had was a Tanaplan 13x2, which was crazy fast. Even turned down to minimum on everything, it would pop wheelies at will. It did make for challenging driving, but was still fun. This car definately needs a clutch fitting. Nothing else broke on it, so not bad for a 30 + year old car.

The thing that has as always made the season is the people. Every year we reunite with old mates and make new ones. The banter at these events is epic!

We have had people constantly offer to help move things for us, had tea, coffee, cake, beer and wine given to us to help us through the day.

Running shop at these events is hard work with long days, so we appreciate these kind gestures immensly.

So now it is time for a well earned short holiday for Di and myself at the start of October before the winter series events start.

Then before we know it, spring will be here and it will all start over again. Now which cars will I run next year -Ummmmm!

Thank you all for a great summer season.

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