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Tigers Loose In the Building!

They are back. The C.A.T.S. are in the house. Yes Schumachers Iconic Masami CAT XlS and TopCAT kits are back in stock.

These beasts can prowl the off road tracks hunting there prey from back in the day or taking on more modern beasts for lunch! Schumacher have faithfully replicated these iconic models, with the odd tastful option to run modern electronics and cells.

We have also had a wide range of spares and tuning parts to make your moggy purrrrrrrr! These will be uploaded to the website over the next few days, so please drop us a line if you need any parts in the meantime.

What better to while away the time during lockdown than building one of these classic beasts. wether to sit on the shelf looking pretty or ragging around the track at an Iconic race meeting like Revival or Iconic Showdown.

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