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We new about this a few weeks back, but had to keep quiet, but now the secret is out!

Schumachers new Mission FT Frontie kit is released and now in stock.

Designed as the ideal base for those wanting to start in RC racing or to try the front wheel drive class.

Based on the ever popular and tough Mission touring car, but with updates and new components to bring it all upto date.

The Schumacher MIssion FT features a gear diff and alloy front shaft / steel axle universal shafts as standard, as well as threaded body alloy shocks in Schumacher purple.

Using the in trend mid motor (monte) layout for superb balance. The kit can use either a shorty or long stick pack battery.

The car is fully adjustable for all the usual race parameters such as camber, front toe etc. The hubs are the same front and rear to save on the amount of spares required and rear hubs have infinately adjustable rear toe angle via the included turnbuckles.

As standard the kit comes with FRP chassis and shock towers, but a full range of carbon fiber upgrade parts are soon to be available as well as a 4wd conversion set to turn in into a full blown 4wd touring car.

So no matter if you want a front wheel drive or touring car, this is the ideal model to go for.

We can see alot of these being turned into rally cars (we have on in build already) as the old one is still a favourite for this nowadays.

Kits are in stock now on the website, with full spares stock expected in over the next couple of weeks.

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